Right Time to Search for Relocation Service Providers

Right Time to Search for packers and movers

Shifting your household belongings from your old home to a new home would be a challenging job for all of you. It should not be stressful or uncomfortable when you perform your moving process. To avoid such kind of issues, hire a professional relocation service provider available in your area based on your requirement.

Normally, moving companies help you with dis-assembling, packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, assembling, etc,. They usually offer the custom-built crates for moving your delicate products such as artworks, antiques, LCD TV, etc,. Movers have all types of shifting supplies like linen crates, packing papers, tapes, book crates, wardrobe boxes, shrink wraps, etc,.

A genuine moving company would always suggest you carry your valuable items like jewelry, important documents, cash, keys, etc. They won’t take responsibility for your valuables if they are damaged or lost while shifting. A good company should not charge you with anything, after delivering your goods.

All trusted and reputed moving companies provide you with the first two or all kinds of services mentioned below.

  • Local Relocation
  • Domestic Moving
  • International Shifting

But, most of you have no idea about when to start searching for a relocation service provider to move your items. By reading this article, you can plan about when would be the right time to call your moving company.

The ideal time for local shifting

When you want to shift your items within your city from your area to another area, it is called as local moving. This is considered as a short distance move and this would generally cost you very less than a domestic or an international move. When you call a moving company, it would come and conduct a survey at your home on the inventory you possess,  to get the required amount of packing materials.

Then they would provide you their quotation according to your requirement with GST charges. If required, ask them about the insurance for your movable goods, for any damage or loss your moving company could cause. If you feel that their quotation suits your budget and need, you can hire your moving company by signing a contract with them.

When you need to shift your things on a particular date and time through a trusted moving company, it is better to call or book a service at least a week or 3 days before your move.

Shifting Process:

  • On your moving day, a team of professional relocation service providers would arrive at your home to move your items.
  • They would dismantle your items safely and then they pack your items carefully.
  • They would bring a truck and they do their loading work using special loading equipment.
  • After loading and arranging your items, your goods are moved by the same truck to the address of your destination area.
  • Finally, they would unpack and assemble your goods on request.

The ideal time for domestic moving

When you need to shift your household things from your city to another city or from a state to state, it is called as domestic moving. This is considered as a long distance move and this would cost you more than local shifting process. Naturally, for domestic moving process, the moving company will charge more based on the distance and the amount of things they carry.

The moving company would arrive at your home a week before the move for survey and they provide their quotation based on the nature of your move. The quotation also includes GST, toll tax and insurance charges. In some cases, they would charge extra based on the special packing material, special equipment used for loading and unloading, storage, transit insurance and inter-state taxes they pay.

If you are satisfied with the moving company, sign a contract with confirmed moving date and time. It is good to book for a service at least two weeks or a week prior to your move.

Moving Process:

  • The moving company would come to your home on the particular day and they would pack your items.
  • After the packing is done, your moving company would shift your items to their transporter company or storage warehouse in your city through small trucks.
  • There the inventory is checked once again along with legal permits and documents.
  • After the verification is completed, your goods are transported by the transporter to the transporter company or warehouse of your destination city.
  • Again, after completing all the formalities, your items would be handed over to your partner moving company for delivery.
  • Then, your moving company would deliver your products to destination address through a small truck.

Ideal time for International Moving

When you want to move your items from your city to another country or from one country to other country, it is called as International moving. In the international moving, the process would be different than domestic shifting. Shifting all your goods across the country could be a very tough task and time consuming. There are moving experts who can perform this job excellently without any trouble or damage.

An international moving company should be aware of international custom requirements and changing regulations. This move would cost you much more than the domestic move and the charges are based on which country you shift.

When you call a moving company, it will come to your home for survey and provide you the quotation. The quotation includes charges like GST, goods Insurance, custom clearance, etc,. The moving company also offers you the transit insurance to claim your money for any damages caused during shifting process. Here, moving company could come up with specially designed custom crates and extra strong packing materials used for long distance sea or air shipping process.

When you are fine with the quotation provided by the moving company for international shifting, book your service at least a month or 3 weeks before your move.

Shifting Process

  • In International process, the process would be same as domestic process, until your goods move to transporter company or warehouse in your city.
  • After that, the transporter company deals with the shipping company following some legal and verification procedures.
  • Then your goods could be shifted either through sea or air based on the customer preference.
  • In few days, when your goods reach the transporter company of your destination country, your partner moving company would receive your goods after all the shipping formalities are done.
  • Then the partner moving company would deliver your goods to the address of your destination country.

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